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 Entering the School.

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PostSubject: Entering the School.   Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:43 pm

Shaelynn pushed aside her side-fringe again, as it had slipped out from behind her ear. She looked down and spotted a large desk with a fairly-old lady sitting behind it, crowded by about 4-5 kids. She bit her lip, she was never into being in a group with several strangers, but she walked over, bag slung across her chest. Her fringe had slipped out. Again. She didn't bother to put it back as she walked to the desk. She drummed her fingers on the table and took a breath. "Um, hi, I'm Shaelynn Mae...?" she ended it with a questioning tone, waiting to see what the lady would say. "Oh, yes, yes, hello dear, your roommate, Miss Davis, you might know her-" her eyes twinkled "-yes, she got it already." Shaelynn sighed from relief. She didn't have to share with a stranger! "Well, okay, thank you." she turned to leave. "Wait, Miss Mae, one second." she looked inside the desk drawer and pulled out two manila envelopes. "Here, your roommate decide to storm off and grab the key without taking this. It's a little welcome packet." the lady smiled. "Oh, I'm Miss Mills, by the way, the females' counselor." Miss Mills said, rushed. "Okay, well, thank you, Miss Mills!" Shaelynn smiled and waved. Some of the kids stared at her, and one smiled. She smiled back. Heading down to the staircase, her eyes wandering all over. The school was truly magnificent.

OOC: FIN. Loool. Going to the second floor.
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Entering the School.
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