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 seriously?'s character.

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PostSubject: seriously?'s character.   Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:17 pm

Name: Shaelynn Mae.
Age/Birthday: 15 turning 16, September 14th.
Physical Appearance: Shaelynn has long, luscious hair that falls down to a couple of inches above the center of her back. It's onyx black, with the tips of her bangs platinum blonde. Her side fringe feathers diagonally, starting from the right and ending on the left. She's constantly pushing it aside. She has deep, mesmerizing purple eyes, and often wears eyeliner to compliment her unique color. Her skin is a pale-ish pink, with a sprinkle of very light freckles across the bridge of her nose and a bit on her cheeks. She's pretty average-height, standing at about 5'6, with long legs and a gorgeous body (which must do with the fact she's a mermaid?). She has "small" feet, which is constantly annoying her as she can't find her favorite shoes in her size. Her nails are always painted a bright, happy color, and long. She has a stunning smile, and a monroe piercing on the right side.
Personality: Shaelynn, being half demon, has two sides of her personality. Bubbly, sarcastic, sweet, and caring are just a few words of one side of her personality. The second side? Well, let's just say you don't want to see it. Fierce( in a bad way ), rude, snappy, aggressive, jealous, and mocking, she's never in a happy mood when you see her this way. Best to stay away. Unless, you know, you're her best friend.
Pets: She has one small, adorable husky named Mina.
Talents: She can appear in places on either a wisp of smoke, water, or out of nowhere. She has amazing swimming skills, and can manipulate air and water, being a mermaid. And being half-demon, she can call upon fire demons, and use fire at her will. On the non-paranormal side, she has a gorgeous singing voice.
History: Shaelynn was born to Taylor and Derek Mae in Florida. Both parents were killed anonymously when she was 14, and she began noticing powers awhile later, as she lived with Brooklynn. She recieved her letter of acceptance a few days before school began.
Other: Her best friend since kindergarten, Brooklynn Davis, was her "sister" after her parents died. They are as close as can be and inseperable.
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seriously?'s character.
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