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 KrazyKitteh's character

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PostSubject: KrazyKitteh's character   Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:28 pm

My character.
Name: Brooklynn Davis(also known as Brook or Brooky)

Age/birthday: 15. Her birthday is on the 6th of january.

Gender: Female

Race[Vampire,Wizard,Faerie,Mermaid,etc.]: Dark angel. (Secretly a Vampire.)

Physical appearance: She has a athletic body and is quite petite for her age standing at a height of 5'4 with long black hair and a side fringe covering over her left eye. Her skin is very pale and her lips are as red as blood with big emerald eyes which blend in well with her eyeliner and mascara which she wears at all times.

Personality: Brooklynn has a split personality. One side is her shy, nerdy and sensitive side who enjoys sports and animals but the other is her agressive side which is shown when people upset or anger her causing this evil side to be revealed which includes rages and out of control behaviour...Something you wouldn't want to see shall we say? But apart from that she is usually just a normal lazy girl who is unique, fashionable and stylish, crazy and fun to be around.

Pets: She has a white wolf with crystal clear blue eyes with her claws made of diamonds. Her name Is Shiva.

Talents: Her talents are unknown. But she has many and some which are rather extrordinary.

History: From the very first day Brooklynn had been brought into the world her life was really fantastic and she enjoyed every single moment of it. Until of cause a secret group named 'The Sorrowful Sears' broke into Brooklynns home when she was asleep. She heard a smash coming from downstairs causing her to jump out her bed and tiptoe down the stairs. She turned around the corner and peeked into the kitchen to see a dark figure turning around, making eye contact with her causing her to run. The dark figure ran and after that Brook ran into were he was to find her mother lieing on the floor half dead. "My dear Brooklynn, take this." Her mother took off her locket necklace and placed it around Brooklynns neck and clipped it on. "Never take it off my dear and I promise you I will always be with you." Then she died. Right infront of her. Tears were streaming down Brooklynns face. From that day on she didn't take it off. Her attitude had never been the same Since.

Other: The rest will be revealed if you get to know Brooklynn. But her life is rather personal so only really close people will find out.

Hope you like it Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: KrazyKitteh's character   Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:35 pm

Loved the history!(: Very original, haha.
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KrazyKitteh's character
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