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 Shaelynn Gets Accepted.

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PostSubject: Shaelynn Gets Accepted.   Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:59 pm

Shaelynn groaned, turning over in her mattress on the floor of Brooklynn's room. No matter how long she was here, she kept remembering why, and her eyes as always, got teary. She wiped them and stood up, quickly putting her hair in a bun. She heard a swoosh and her eyes went wide. Biting her lip, she ran to the front door and saw one, off-white envelope on the mat. Confused, she picked it up. "Shaelynn Taylor Mae" was listed on the front. She teared it open, she was never a patient girl, and scanned the sheet. Written in large, loopy letters was:
"Dear Shaelynn Mae,
We are proud to inform you that you have been accepted into Shadowfalls Academy! The uniform will be provided when you arrive in the school at a price of $86 unless you are on a scholarship. The school is located on an island east of Florida called Shadow Island and if you make a turn left then straight ahead you will see The Forsaken Falls. If you are unaware where the location is feel free to use the map provided with this letter. Your dorm key will be given to you at the main desk when you arrive, Just ask for the key for room 674. Your room is located down the corridor and if you take a right and go up the first set of stairs on the second floor it is the fifth door across. You will start today in 2 hours. I suggest you leave in thirty minutes seen as your journey will be quite long. We will be looking forward to meeting you Shaelynn. Safe Travels.
Yours Sincerely,
Headmistress Nyxx Fang"
Shaelynn hyperventilated for about 5 minutes, then gained control again. She realized this is where Brook is. She closed her eyes, and thought about all her belongings folding themselves(if needed) and placing themselves in her bags, then appearing in front of her. She opened her eyes, and there her bag was! She grabbed her bag, and walked outside, locking the front door. She stuck her right arm up in the air, and stared at it, murmuring some strange words. Thick wisps of black smoke began to twist around her arm, and she did the same with her left. She floated up into the air. "Mmkay. Now I just need to figure out where to go..." She looked around and spotted a toddler, about 4 years old, with short blonde hair and a pink floral dress on, staring at Shaelynn with her mouth wide open. Shaelynn waved, and then snapped her fingers, turning invisible. The toddler dropped her lollipop and ran screaming, "Momm-y!" Shaelynn laughed and continued on her journey. Since they already lived in Florida, all she had to do was... "Wait, where the heck is Shadow Island?" she groaned. "I'm lost. Dang it." she looked at the map from the letter and concentrated on Shadow Island. Teleporting was extremely exhausting for her to do, but she was lost, so she guessed it was time. In a poof, she appeared in front of the waterfall. "Woow..." she whispered, looking through it. The water shimmered, half times plain water, half-"Shadowfalls Academy!" she gasped. Realizing she'd have to get wet, she willed herself to stay completely dry and ran through the water, appearing in what seemed like another world. "Niice." she muttered.
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Shaelynn Gets Accepted.
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