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 Brook gets accepted!

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PostSubject: Brook gets accepted!   Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:40 pm

I was sitting at home eating my breakfast until I heard the gates creek, throwing down my spoon I zoomed downstairs and straight to the door to find my mail had been posted through the letterbox. I leaned down to reach for them and then ran into the living room then threw them all on the table. I began to shred through them until I found the one I was looking for. It read Shadowfalls academy in big letters. I opened up the envolope carefully, taking the letter out and then into my hands as I unfolded it and begun to read it to myself slowly.
"Dear Brooklynn Davis,
We are proud to inform you that you have been accepted into Shadowfalls academy! The uniform will be provided when you arrive in the school at a price of $86 unless you are on a scholarship. The school is located on a island east of Florida called Shadow Island and if you make a turn left then straight ahead you will see The Forsaken Falls. If you are unaware where the location is feel free to use the map provided with this letter. Your dorm key will be given to you at the main desk when you arrive, Just ask for the key for room 674. Your room is located down the corrider and if you take a right and go up the first set of stairs on the second floor it is the fifth door across. You will start today in 2 hours. I suggest you leave in thirty minutes seen as your journey will be quite long. We will be looking forward to meeting you Brooklynn. Safe Travels.
Yours Sincerly
Headmistress Nyxx . Fang
I jumped up and down with excitement scrunching the letter to my chest. I ran up into my room and took all my clothes out of my wardrobe and begun to fold them as I carefully placed each of them into my suitcase. I ran over to my draw and took out my favourite things like my toys and jewelery and packed them also leaving space for my blackberry cellphone and my ipod nano and my toshiba laptop to be put on the very top as these where my absolute favourite things.
I closed my suitcase and took my necklace from under my pillow my mom had given me before she died and i clipped it on around my neck, I kissed it then grabbed hold of my suitcase and left my house. I flew to Shadow Island which had taken me 45 minutes to arrive and opened up a side pocket in my suitcase and I took out a bottle of water. I quickly gulped down half the bottle and then placed it back in as I continued my journey. "Just turn left she said." Turning left and walking straight ahead I seen The Forsaken Falls. I quickly flew over to it and then I stopped. I Looked around with no sight of the academy so I pulled out the map from my back pocket of my jeans. "Hmm, It says around here somewhere...." I picked up the suitcase and flew right over the waterfall then noticing a huge building right before my eyes. I reversed and flew down to land. I was right infront of the gates. I had arrived.
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Brook gets accepted!
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